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Drive Google Traffic to your Amazon Page

Outsmart competitors and get endless flow of potential clients from the largest source of traffic on the Internet!

Amazon SEO. Google Traffic?

Imagine your store shows up in the first positions of the Google search every time someone types in products you sell.
It means that every person looking for the products will see your Amazon page!

Let's assume you
sell snowboards
A potential client searches for "arbor wasteland snowboard"
We make your Amazon page show in the TOP of the search
The potential client goes
to your page and buys the
snowboard from you

Amazon SEO. How it works?

Whenever someone looks for a product using the search engine, they see an Amazon page in the top results because the amazon.com
website is one of the major players on the SEO field. However, there is a high competition between the internal pages of the site.
We will help you use Amazon's marketing efforts to your advantage! The unique technology of massive backlink building will make
Google associate your Product page with the key phrases you need forcing your store to the Top results.

Your Amazon page
snowboard formula
westmark sale
arbor draft
snowboard sale
arbor westmark
snowboards for sale
snowboard draft

Ranking high for commercial queries on Google will drive almost all the traffic in the niche to your store.
The more visitors come to your page, the more sales you have!

A number of potential clients that visit your page before you start the promotion
Amazing results you achieve after a year of effective link building campaign
campaign started

Amazon SEO. Pricing

Sales-generating keyword suggestions
Effective link building campaign
Up to 100 keywords in Google TOP10
Accumulative rankings improvement
Online SEO errors checker
No hidden costs or extra charges
Trusted by over 50,000 websites

Need more information? Don't know if it will work for your page? Let us iron out your doubts!
Request a free consultation and we will be glad to answer all your questions!

Amazon SEO. Testimonials

We did waste a lot of money here and there but all our troubles came to end after I had used the SEO services from Semalt. They provide the perfect balance between affordability and uncompromised quality.
— Travis Barnhart
Selling stuff through Amazon is my additional way to earn money (I'm running a small PC repair business). This service helps my page stay up and running and keeps it visible to the people. Sweet!
— Robert Pearson
Usually any popular web page promo = scam for me, because come on, it's just not possible! But these guys run my website, so I gave them a shot and let them boost my Amazon page. Totally worth it.
— Carol Barnes
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